Blonde and Yellow Stone

January 26, 2017
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Blonde and Yellow Stone

Blending color from subjects and from backgrounds can sometimes be challenging.

When it comes to fashion photography, you have control of every element in the frame. You control the lighting, the pose, the background, the colors, the clothing… you name it, it’s up to you.

If there is a wrinkle in the clothing, fix it. If the hair is falling the wrong way, make a change. You have to pay careful attention to details and only show what is important to communicate your idea. People see your results, not your excuses.

If there is something distracting in your background you must remove it, recompose, or choose a wider aperture. This is why it is important to have the right gear and knowledge — your tools, paired with your expertise, give you control to express your ideas. Nothing should be “by accident.”

When creating a successful fashion image, you will want to dedicate the time and effort to develop a concept for your shoot. You can’t just “show up and hope for the best.”

Nearly every successful shoot begins with a concept. What is the story you are telling? How does the model feel? How should the viewer feel? What is the focal point or purpose of the image? When you know your purpose it makes it a lot easier to make creative decisions. Your purpose helps you to determine lighting, posing, wardrobe, hair and makeup, and more! With the most successful shoots, all elements work together.

Once you decide upon your concept, you’ll need to develop a mood board to act as a visual roadmap. A mood board is a collection of images (usually not your own) that helps to visually communicate the direction of the shoot. When you look at a mood board, the entire creative team can envision the end results and begin to plan their contribution to the shoot.

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