Faster and Faster!

January 26, 2017
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Faster and Faster!

Delivering photography on the level of a professional has always been thought of as expensive.  And, the majority of it is very expensive to shoot. Equipment is very costly, especially commercial grade equipment from Sony, Canon, Nikon, and others. But if you want professional results, and magazine quality pics that pop and produce vibrant colors, you have to take the plunge and invest in some serious gear. You may be happy with your cell phone pics, but what we produce is far more complicated and color graded than just a cell phone picture. It requires lighting, lenses, and enhancement software to produce the million dollar look.

So, for this reason, photographers have a tendency to charge outrageous prices for their work, only share the work with full intellectual rights,  and restrict you using of their work to post on social media.  Vision Pro Studios has rebelled against the normal, offers competitive pricing, and shares the full copyright of their work with the subject at no additional charge. This is unheard of in the photography business. However, in order to set a precedence, we felt the need to step outside the box, and give our clients full control over their photos and video.  We share in virtually everything. And this makes it more affordable for people to have professional photography and videography at their fingertips.

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