Good Morning, Nature

Good Morning, Nature

Photography that involves a element of nature is always a bit challenging.

No two days are ever the same when shooting in the outdoors, and each day is a unique opportunity to capture a piece of the planet’s history and create photographs that truly capture the power and personality of a place.

Because of this, many are interested in learning landscape photography.Without depth in your landscape images, you fail at telling the true story and showing the incredible layers, textures, and features that are distinctive to the landscapes you shoot. Whether you shoot wide or tight, you must set up your camera to succeed in capturing powerful depth of field.

Once you master positioning of your subjects though, you can try different techniques, from shooting wide and capturing a vast landscape with your small human subject, to using your long lens to compress the landscape, and add a powerful perspective to your images, making the background landscape appear much closer, with rich, beautiful detail.

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