Jeans and Tattoos

Working with a strong creative team is the backbone of most successful fashion shoots. A creative team consists of all of the artists that collaborate with one another to create the final product. This includes hair stylist, makeup wardrobe, wardrobe stylist, and anyone else that may be required for the concept (manicurist, set designer, etc).

Certainly not every shoot needs to be a huge production, yet often the execution and final product will be far superior when you work with other passionate professionals and artists that help bring your ideas to life. Sure, you can start as a “jack of all trades” on your own shoots, but eventually you’ll want to seek out other creatives to help elevate the level of your production.

Your creative team will also be helpful as your grow your business. They help to expand your network, introduce you to potential clients, and watch for opportunities in the industry.

This beauty image would not have been possible without a talented makeup artist to execute the concept, inspired by the geometric and graphic artwork of Mondrian. Her knowledge of the artist and ability to execute the concept (with a combination of makeup, tape and paint) really gave this image life.

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