The Wedding of Alvin and Diane Davis

October 23, 2019
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The Wedding of Alvin and Diane Davis

The month of October is somewhat unpredictable in weather. There are days when you can have sunshine and warmth in late October, and then there are days close to the pattern that Michigan usually follows. It was cool and fall like in October for the wedding of Alvin and Diane Davis. The trees had just started to turn, and there was fall color everywhere.

The Davis’s chose Celery Flats Barn Venue in Portage, MI as their wedding chapel and reception venue. The most succulent and amazing marinated beef I have ever tasted was catered in along with all the fixins for the guests. Numerous bottles of wine and spirits were available for the offering.

And when the music started, their guests and the Davis’s stayed on the floor most of the night. I was blessed to have been a part of this wedding. Kandise Parker shot all of the photography and Mac Oglesbee along with my self DJ’d and shot video.

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