Vision Pro Studios 2018 Wedding Season produced weddings and corporate events. Below is our professional credentials, referrals, and reviews.

ReferralJesse Himebaugh, Bronson, MI. – My friend and brother in Christ Michael Parker has been in my life for over 40 years. He has a passion for whatever he sets out to accomplish, and emerges himself into study, research, education, and marketing to become the best at what he endeavors. His photography and videography business along with nearly 30 years of DJ experience is an award winning combination for clients who choose his services. 

ReviewAmanda Soave, Ann Arbor, MI – Our wedding videographer was unable to film our wedding and we did not know what we would do at such a late time frame. We began to panic until one of my Husband’s family members suggested checking out Vision Pro Studios. Our budget was tight, and we could not afford an HD cinematic filming. Vision Pro Studios accommodated our budget and helped us film our wedding. They spent nearly 10 hours recording and editing at such a short notice, and also gave us complimentary photos too…I highly recommend their services

ReferralJustin Griffin, Petosky, MI. – I’ve been a friend and business associate of Michael Parker since 1993. He has a wide variety and diverse education that allows him to become professional and experienced in the Filming Industry. Photography has been a passion of his for years, and I am glad to see him celebrate his work. His attention to detail and DJ experience is second to none. I have personally attended weddings he has been in charge of. Most brides would give a sigh of relief knowing he is in control and in charge of timelines, announcements, and MC’s the entire event. You cannot go wrong with his service. 

ReviewShannon Chapman, Angola, Indiana – Vision Pro Studios did a awesome job at our wedding. For the price we settled on, and for our budget to be met, we got more than what we paid for. Vision Pro Studios shot 350 photos, filmed our reception, and DJ’d the entire reception. They also had a few surprises that allowed one couple at our wedding to win a HUGE wedding package. Their wedding date is set for September 6th, 2019 and Vision Pro Studios will handle all of it for FREE…I cannot thank them enough for making our reception memorable. 

ReviewBeverly Campbell, Ligoneer, Indiana. – My husband and I planned for an outside wedding in the middle of August. We knew that it was going to be hot…but had no idea just how hot it would get. Our guests were being cooked in our tent, even with the sides open to allow air flow. Vision Pro Studios was hired to video our outdoor wedding, and DJ our reception. They accomplished the videography and filming.  Our guests however were so hot, that many of them left before the music could even get started. Michael Parker told us that even though they could not perform the reception because guests all left, he stayed until we told him to leave. My Husband and I got our first dance… He then told us that he would provide an anniversary portrait package along with a short film next year on our wedding anniversary for the inconvenience of the heat….we did not expect anything… Thank You Michael, and we look forward to seeing you in August of 2019.

ReviewParker Hannifin Corporation – Marisol Dempsey, HR Assistant – Vision Pro Studios will be one service that we will always remember and consider for future events. When Michael contacted us after a  request for a quote, we did not expect what we were told….He told us that he would rather perform the event, film our award’s banquet, and DJ the rest of the night. Then, at the end of the event, we would decide what to pay him!. With a full crew of 4 people, a dedicated photographer, Videographer and 2 DJ’s..we decided after the night was near an end to pay him handsomely for his work and humbleness. He is definitely at the top of the list for next years event. The music was perfect, photos of our 10+ year employees were taken, and the video was just an added touch to all he offered. We requested certain types of music, and his DJ’s never veered off course. 

ReferralDina Kalmeta, Journalist and News Anchor for CWW7NEWS, Portland, Oregon. – I have known Michael Parker for nearly 6 years now. We have yet to meet face to face…lol. He has been instrumental in developing and producing our news channel here in Portland, Oregon. Our Internet presence and association with his Broadcasting Network has been a pleasure and an exciting part of our ministry. I highly recommend his services for video and photography. If you decide to purchase a cinematic package, be prepared to be blown away. The special effects and programming he can accomplish will make your wedding look like a Hollywood production. 

ReviewJessica Williams – Hartford, MI – Vision Pro Studios was the only company we could find that would play almost all Gospel Music at our reception. My husband and I were renewing our vows, and we wanted our church family to attend our event. Our Pastor performed the ceremony, and Vision Pro Studios took the Photos, video and DJ services all for one low price.  Michael has even added two special effects from his reel of wedding effects that are being produced for our wedding. We were very happy with his services, and highly recommend him and his team. 

ReviewJenny Putman, mother of the Groom – AC Putman Wedding, Marshall, MI. – I have only one thing to say regarding Michael and Vision Pro Studios…amazing. Our planning efforts for my son’s wedding were nearly a complete disaster after several setbacks. When my husband Tom first contacted Michael, he was willing to take care of all of our needs. Our future daughter in law’s family had already hired a Photographer and Videographer for the wedding. So, we only needed a DJ. Michael however, went above the call and brought a photographer and video taped portions of the wedding at no additional cost.  For the price..we were amazed..then during a game that was played for couples to win a $500 gift certificate good towards a future service of Vision Pro Studios, my other son WON the gift certificate.  We nearly recovered all of the expense towards the DJ service he provided with that gift certificate…like I word…amazing. 

These are just some of the reviews we have received during the 2018 season….will yours be next?