Vision Pro Studios now has Drone Services that match some of the most sought after video in the industry. Used in a variety of settings, Drones can play a major part in filming allowing your targeted audience to see what most Hollywood budgets have spent years to achieve.

Our Drones can film in 1080HD and 4k giving you stunning clarity with fly by or fly over filming. We also have registered our Drones with the FAA, and are licensed to fly them in most locations in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. Contact us regarding your needs before booking the event for security clearance in flying near or around colleges, schools, airports, Government Buildings.

Liability waivers are also necessary if we are to film overhead for a wedding location.

We also carry Drone Liability Insurance so your event is covered in the unlikely event that our Drone should crash and damage property or injure a guest. Because of the cost factors involved, premium drone services are expensive for certain events. Contact us before booking your event for current costs and fees.