Band Promotions


Advertising your Band at a different level designed specifically for YouTube and Facebook channels


Vision Pro Studios scrubs the Tri State Area of Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio to feature Cover Bands who’s followings are large both on Social media and venues where they play.  Photo and video ops and shoots are done LIVE at a event with digital recording of songs chosen for the shoot.

Photo shoots are then digitally enhanced along with special effects for videos to produce a branding for your band. Videos can be used for YouTube Channels, Facebook, Instagram and more to help get fans the fix they need with your band.

Special effects are produced in Adobe After Effects with templates created by Vision Pro Studios that never duplicates a look. All productions are unique to each band, with shared intellectual rights for photos and video.

Featured singers can be placed in strategic sections of video and photo shoot to help enhance the feel and mood of planned events. Schedules can be incorporated into videos to use as a ongoing advertisement. Additional videos can be rotated to help produce a fresh look.

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35.0 mm – 85 mm

ISO Speed