Jamm Text


Purchased separately or as an added feature with our Standard and Grand packages. Not included with our basic package.

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Jamm Text is a unique stand alone, premium, and grand package feature that allows your guests to interact with your DJ at your event. Cell phones text to the number provided to the screen, and can instantly post wedding pics from guests on our TV’s, Big Screens, and display units at your wedding or event.

Profanity filters can be in place for individuals who get slightly intoxicated or carried away, and users who violate your terms of the wedding can be blocked.

A wireless connection at your venue must be provided. If there is no wireless connection, a hotspot connection can be added for $99 additional.

Great for outdoor weddings at venues that have no Internet connection. HotSpot connections vary with each venue. Locations and GPS must be given to Vision Pro Studios prior to wedding to ensure connectivity. Ask us for details.