Terms and Conditions

Vision Pro Studios, a Coldwater based Compnay is hereby hired to perform photography for my event.

I understand that during the Covid-19 Pandemic, and while Stay at Home Orders in the states of Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio are in place, that no photography or video will be performed until the ban is lifetd or restrictions have been eased.

I understand by paying in advance for these services I am purchasing at this time, with a no refund applied to the purchase unless otherwise noted below. I will be serviced upon either easing or lifting restrictions for my event, based on the time stamp and day of my order. This is a first come, first served sale. No exceptions.

In the unlikely event that the owner or photographer(s) of this business should succumb to Covid-19 and pass away, a FULL REFUND will be awarded in the estate of the deceased. Provisions of this statement are included in the will of Michael E Parker, owner of Vision Pro Studios, Coldwater, MI. 49036.

All clients who could be affected by this unlikely event can obtain a copy of this statement for their records and given to the Executor of the will, Kandise Parker, daughter of the owner of this company who can be contacted privately with email, phone number, address, and Social Media contacts on that statement upon request by calling 517-677-4073