What’s included in each Photography Package

When you purchase a photography package with Vision Pro Studios, we provide you with the following services during and after the sale:

  • A private gallery where you can send guests a link to view, download or purchase photos taken from your wedding. This gallery is a paid service of Vision Pro Studios and has no additional charge to their clients.
  • Each photo is color graded and enhanced for the desired look discussed during your zoom meetings. A variety of looks such as light and airy, crisp and natural, dark and moody, rustic and vintage, ect can be achieved. There is no set standard of the photo other than raw that is produced by the camera at the time the pic was taken. There are literally hundreds of combinations. Many photographers only focus in on one look, and then use that as a signature, where our work is shot in raw footage by Sony, a proprietary file format that allows the photographer to choose an array of colors to enhance the photo. The results are far more superior than standard DSLR Cameras and produces the photo in 4k
  • Your photos are stored on our own business cloud server, where they are kept in their raw and finished state. This server is a private and password protected server that is both online and offline for the safety and protection of your photos. Should something happen to your mobile device, or you have downloaded your photos to a laptop or desktop, and the file on your system has become corrupted or deleted, or somehow you lost the file, you will have access by appointment to log into our cloud server and retrieve your photos again. There is no additional charge for this service.
  • Shared Intellectual Rights is granted with each photo package. There are no watermarks or business logos placed on your photos. We share the intellectual right of your photos so that you and we own them. This gives you the right to share the photos on social media platforms, and by having the raw photos too in their Sony proprietary format, allows you to have them color graded differently if you desire to do so. Unlike other photographers who claim copyright on their photos of YOU, we share that right and give you equal control over their format.
  • Because of Sony’s image footprint stamped on the raw photo, new technology by Sony allows the identification of that photo to remain intact even when converted to popular printing file formats. Such as jpg, tiff, gif, ect. The digital footprint is a identifier that when combined with Sony’s technology, allows the photographer to scan the web using that identifier to find if your photo has been taken and manipulated and published as someone else work. This allows legal action to be pursued if the photo is not returned or deleted.

Our services after the sale is what makes the difference in what type of Photography business we are. We challenge you to find any photographer who gives these benefits after the sale at no additional charge.

You can check our calendar of availability and book us by calling 517-677-4073 right now.