What’s included with each Videography Package

Vision Pro Studios combines some of the most sought after services online and gives those benefits to each client we contract with.

Your video is produced in a variety of formats that are chosen and agreed upon at the time of your zoom meetings. Some clients like a family style/traditional video format where they are spontaneously filmed with no invasive style or intrusion. It’s almost as if you do not even remember or can recall the videographer filming you. Some clients like a romantic style filming format where the highlight offers a variety of scenes systematically filmed and given a romantic overtone.

And still, some clients like a documentary style format where the wedding highlight and the full edit has a more documentary feel to it, such as a Netflix Documentary style filming event. Each style requires an indepth look and discussion and offers different levels of participation of the Bride and Groom. Each package offered by Vision Pro Studios gives the client the edited and raw files produced of the video at no additional charge. These files are stored on our cloud server, and once your video is fully produced, will be made available to you by appointment to log into our server via online connection, and download all files to your desktop or laptop.

This is a windows based PC Server and requires a windows based computer to log in to. Your Iphone or Android Phone does not have sufficient clearance or storage for the large data sized files video produces. In addition, you must inform your videographer if your using an Apple Computer, an I Mac, or a PC at the time of your contract to avoid conversion costs of your files to meet the requirements of your Apple based PC. Your IMac may need it’s video codec updated to play your wedding videos on your I Mac PC or Laptop or Tablet. Contact us about updating your codec for your video drivers..sounds complicated, but it’s fairly easy to do.

All clients enjoy the private wedding channel we have created to view and cast to your favorite smart TV via your Iphone or Android. A private wedding channel allows you to watch your wedding video, free of commercials and interruptions. A link is emailed to you and is also published on your portal page via our website to watch your wedding video in full 4k color format. Below is an example of our private wedding channel video. This example is used for advertising purposes only and does not reflect how your video will appear.

Our private wedding channel also allows subscribers to view your wedding video from around the globe. Comments are disabled on default. This allows others to inquire about our services.

Your wedding video is also uploaded to YouTube for social media distribution, along with all other videos we produce for your package

Each client will receive a minimum of (1) up to a 6 minute Highlight Video to immediately share on social media platforms. (2) A 1 hour+ lightly edited full feature video of your ceremony, reception, special dances and dancing. (3) A bloopers reel is created to edit out portions that may not be suitable for the full edit, and (4) A guest Reel that is created with some of your guests speaking about your day and congrats. These also include our new “intoxicated well wishes” of some of the hilariously things people may say while a bit tipsy…you can thank us later.

As many of our Brides have posted in our reviews, you will not find a better value for the product produced in our services.