David and Sydney Markley

It was our first time filming at the venue Sydney and David chose, Milestone Barn in Bannister, MI. . Another hidden gem way out in the country of Bannister, MI. And, like the guy I am, I arrived before 9 am in the morning..lol. We travel all over the state of Michigan, as far as Petoskey and Charlevoix, which is a 4 hour drive from Coldwater, MI. I was pleasantly suprised with all of the vintage and historical vibe this venue had. As another rustic and painted barn venue, it had charm and lots of props. Separate wedding preparation buildings. The ceremony setup was on a small hilltop overlooking the rest of the property.

I had met with Sydney and David on numerous zoom calls finalizing the discussion of how the wedding film was to be produced. One thing I was quite humbled by was Sydney’s request to make sure we got plenty of footage of David getting ready. I can tell that David was slightly nervous and somber..quiet and reserved….and I knew a bit later why Sydney had requested more filming of him. When I began looking at the decorations and how the memories table was set up, I found that Sydney’s mom had passed away.

There was a mood of joy..and of sorrow, for those that could not be there to see these two get married. One of the things that David stated during his and Sydney’s speech to their guests before dinner, was thanking them all for being there, and most of all how he was so proud that he and Sydney made it and said I do. The planning, the financial planning, the stress of putting together your own wedding, and the emotions of every range possible from the life prior to the moment you say I do…can sometimes come rushing in and slap you right in the face….but oh what a feeling..what a emotional high to have and to hold from this day forward, and judging from David’s personality and Sydney’s testimony of her husband, these two will honor and cherish each other until death do them part.