Greg and Rachel Blanco

The wedding of Rachel and Greg was filmed at Rouch World Banquet Hall and Event center, Sturgis, MI. It’s been nearly 3 years since we filmed this wedding. We arrived the day of the wedding, and there had been several weeks off and on of some pretty nasty thunderstorms that had rolled through the area. Several areas were out of power. But Rouch was prepared just in case. The weekend before at The Medalist in Marshall, MI we had the same possible outcome, with no power from hundreds of downed power lines across the region.

Greg and Rachel’s wedding was to start at 3:30pm, outside at the ceremony facility at Rouch. At 3pm, the power went out to the entire venue….and like clockwork, Rouch owners got to work getting their generators turned on and powering up the facility. At 3:40, we were ready to go, and power also got restored. Thanks to the excellent choice of Greg and Rachel of venue, and the owners, we were able to start on time. Greg and Rachel hired us for video and DJ services…here is their wedding video.