Kevin and Amber Hall

When you meet people in this industry, they come from all kinds of walks in life. The beauty of that is meeting people like Amber and Kevin Hall. You see, I’m just an old fashioned type of guy who likes to socialize with everyone…but I particularly like to meet people who are driven, ambitious, family oriented, have a down to earth and family value meaning and purpose in their life. Kevin and Amber are this type of people, just your normal fun loving and patriotic people with a passion for life and family.

Kevin has his own Derby Cars and travels the circuit of Derby races with his son Kevin Jr. and Amber is right there to support her husband every bit of the way. Their immediate family joins in the fun and travels with them to County FairGrounds to put on a show for the derby fans. Amber is a Nurse in Ft Wayne, Indiana and her passion is helping others. Her biggest passion is her husband and her family. When we had met with them 1 year prior to their wedding date, we discussed plans and schedules and numerous questions that she had regarding our services. I learned that family was traveling from all over the satte and from Indiana too. Kevin’s Aunt who he was very close to was going to attend….and then suddenly, just days after their wedding and honeymoon…news came that she had passed away unexpectedly. The phone call came and Amber wanted to make sure that his Aunt was a focus of their wedding and to memorialize her time and life with them…there Wedding Hi Light Video said it all.