Lane and Tabatha Labelle

One of our last weddings of season 2023, was Lane and Tabatha, married at Hilltop Memory Makers, in Coral, MI. I spent many hours over this wedding video tweaking it to make it feel and look the way Tabatha and Lane felt about each other.

Tabatha made an exceptionally beautiful Northern Girl, country and proud of it bride. Lane during their ceremony vows and introduction told his guests that even to the day they say I do, he was in awe of thinking that Tabatha was going to be his wife. He felt he was way out of her league, as he put it.

But the look in her eyes and the way she held him, just spoke volumes of what she thought about her new found husband. Her vows were just as much meaningful too. As I watched them look at each other, I glanced over at Tabatha’s Dad….and that’s all it took..I can tell that here was a man who raised all of his daughters to feel special, to love them and show them he would give them the world….and when you have a father who loves his daughters that much, they grow up looking for a man who will cherish them…just like Dad does…and Tabatha found her man.