Luke and Seneca Miller

Talk about a story book wedding…this was it. Luke and Seneca, two committed young adults to their college educations, their commitment to their faith, and the commitment to their family was on full display with this wedding. It’s all part of the process that waits to be revealed with each wedding we film and shoot. Seneca, who has attended Hillsdale College and Concordia University in Entrepreneurship, and Luke attending U of M who was seeking a Masters Degree in the Health field, these two from the moment we met them just oozed in a traditional, innocent, and respectful Love for one another. From the engagement photos, to the wedding photos, and their 1 year anniversary photos, and purchasing our Grand Wedding Package, we had a long relationship with these two. Luke and Seneca recently traveled to Florence and took some historical photos of their trip. Luke and Seneca opted to having their galler private and only viewable by their family.