Nathan and Jessica Bellis

We all come from different walks in life…some of us tend to drift and try to find our way through life…and others of us find a path that is illuminated, and guides us to our destination. That’s the feeling I got with Jessica and Nate. An illuminated path that was laid directly to each other. There is something about being part of a traditional Christian Wedding that sets aside from all others. And that’s the belief of why we get married in the first place. Being in Love is just one aspect of getting married…it’s joining two hearts, two lives, two minds become one.

Nate and Jessica said their vows at Zerbo’s Market, in Commerce, MI. A neatly and efficient Holistic Market that sells veggies, wine, and all kinds of good health foods, with a very nice restaurant on the lower level, and a nice intimate venue upstairs for wedding ceremonies and receptions.