Of The Land Wedding Venue and Farm

If you’re looking for the ultimate in greenery and wholesome appearance..take a look at Of The Land, near Marshall and Battle Creek, MI. We have filmed and DJ’d here during the past 2 wedding seasons. Just an amazing experience with the open concept, the vibe of the land, and the wholesome feel of a greenery complete with 3 different ways of having your ceremony. The Greenhouse is a popular set up for both ceremony and reception. Lots of natural lighting making it a photographer’s dream come true. An outside landing with a trailer setup for drinks, snacks and wholesome stuff. Not to mention they grow so many tasty veggies here that you just get lost in the vibe of it all. Bar located at the main entrance of the green house. Corner sized area for table setup for cake, guest book and wedding decor.

Smaller sized DJ setups recommended here with plenty of outlets to use. NO wiring issues and excellent breaker/fuse setup for protection of equipment. Take a look at the Talcott Wedding Film we did here and get a good feel of the venue itself.