Greg and Jennifer Gross

Let the celebration of these two lives BEGIN…that was the mood and the vibe these two gave off in one of the most epic weddings we have filmed to date. I had the pleasure of working with Jill Allardyce-Miller Photography who was Greg and Jessica’s Photographer, while we captured the videography of the day.

Let’s start with Jessica…when you watch the videos below, you will see that this was one large wedding party of bride’s maid’s with matron and maid of honors. Flower girl and ring bearer. Nearly 30 people not including the officiant and our bride and groom stood up for this wedding. Greg and Jessica chose Shanahan’s Barn and Wedding Venue in the Charlevoix and Petoskey, Mi area. The venue is located on Charlevoix Golf & Fitness Country Club and is very spread out. Jill and I had a Golf cart to travel back and forth to the venue, and where Jennifer and the ladies were getting ready. Here’s a behind the scenes look at Jennifer and the ladies getting ready and their bridal party shoot with Jill and Jessica

Jill is an efficient photographer, making every minute count. You may be wondering why I am promoting Jill and her photography…well it’s simple. We work well together, and I refer business to her, and she refers business to me. Following her lead in the shoot, and taking the time to capture what she envisions saves me time and allows us to flow together in capturing the wedding day. I seperate myself a few times to get the normal shots I need for the theme Jessica wanted, but in all, the flow and the capture adds a documentary style to the shoot. It is crucial to have a team that works well together and compliments each other, and that’s what it was like the very first time we worked together. Jill’s final edited pics are crisp, with perfect skin tones, with no wash of a orange or rustic look that seems to be popular among some brides. Really, that’s just a lazy hack and applies what we call a LUT to all pics. It gives off too much of a rustic look on everything.

Greg and Jennifer had roughly 200+ guests at their wedding, and an awesome DJ Chris Redburn who I met the second time at their wedding. We met the first time at Devin and Cali Hager’s wedding in Saline, MI. Chris rocked the house and delivered a awesome performance. Chris is typically booked well in advance for his talent and is part fo a band too making music videos.

Greg was the perfect gentleman all night with his new bride. With a wedding party this large, it was challenging mostly for Jill to get pics in an orderly fashion. But the wedding party came together and made it happen. Greg was a big help with that, gathering folks and making sure nobody ran off too quickly for the

They all partied until the wee hours of the morning when I had packed up just after 11pm. One of the most exciting weddings we had a privilege to film to date.