MillCreek Wilde Wedding Venue

We had a blast at this wedding venue. The dance floor and bar are separate from the dining room. They have one of the best prop setups we have seen to date with the guys separate from the ladies. A perfect gazebo off from the ladies building to get Dress and intimate photos or bridal photos, ample parking, and lots of greenery and plant life, flowers. A nice campfire area too that sits around where nearly 50-60 people could sit.

Tastefully decorated with vintage and older artifacts from yesterday. Dining room quite large can hold up to 200 guests, outside cabana bar and ceremony area. We were pleased with the proximity too where things were located and closely placed together. Lots of windows 3/4 away around the dining room, allow natural lighting in with less backwash even on Sunny days. I was pleasantly impressed with the look, feel, and vibe.

Visit our client’s gallery for nice pics of the venue in action here