The Milestone Barn Venue

Another hidden gem out in the country..The Milestone Barn…nestled and accessible from Lansing, Flint, and Saginaw. I arrived early when nobody was there early….walked the property, sun was coming up and the dew was glistening still of of the greenery and plant life. I noticed a larger building that was for the Bride’s quarters, and then walked the rest of the property to see the actual barn and other buildings and props. The barn had 2 levels which was cool, an overlook for the dances and hangout above the crowd. The bar was located down stairs and away from the main entrance and tucked away in a corner away from the majority of the space near the dance floor.

I thought that was cool, especially with people getting their drink on, and not being in the way of anyone. Bathrooms were tastefully decorated, clean, and ready to go for the wedding. In Sydney’s and David’s wedding video, you can see all of what I am describing here, the location for the ceremony, and the larger field where we took some sunset video and pics. Catering is a flash, because they have their own entrance to the barn and can set up in minutes from that entrance..very close and it made for one heck of a meal that night…of course, Sydney had Crank’s Catering out of Detroit, and their food no matter where you go is always fresh, hot, and wonderfully seasoned and tasty…I have had some of the best tasting Lamb prepared by these people in my delicious.

Main wedding table was set up next to the DJ and Sydney and David wanted their wedding party to sit with their wives and husbands, sop the main table was just fit nicely that way. All in All, Milestone Barn impressed me and I look forward to filming there again this wedding season.