Vision Pro Studios is always researching the most affordable tools to add to our professional lineup of options for the filming of your wedding event, corporate video & commercial, or special occasion. For 2019, we have added several new features to these events that will set apart our services from the competition.

The Proaim  Jib Crane is a special edition to our filming services, gaining overall film shots as those taken during Hollywood Productions. This gear allows us to be directly overhead of a bride and groom for their first dance, and can utilize the Ronin-M Gimbal with a DSLR or heavier Cinematic Camera.  We can also achieve heights of nearly 20 ft in the air and can come up into the air to a terrace where a wedding is performed outside, replacing our drone if restrictions exist for flying it.  With the Ronin -M by DJI, we also have a BlueTooth remote control that operates the pan, swivel, and up&down motion of the gimbal when attached to the Proaim as pictured to the right.  The jib and crane from Proaim breaks down to three different sizes and allows us to also use the crane indoors in a more confined shot area.

Another great piece of equipment we have added for 2019 is the Sony A7 III DSLR. With a variety of lenses that work especially well in low lighting, the A7 III out performs many of the competitions DSLR’s with ease.

One of the main features of the A7 III is the focal point of focus.  This camera is able to zoom in on it’s subject quietly and cleanly, and use 696 points of focus, all being accomplished in very low lighting situations. The Auto Focus capabilities of the Sony A7 III outperforms all other DSLR cameras currently on the market. The New CMOS 35 MM Super Cinematic Sensor created by Sony in this camera rivals Hollywood cameras costing 10 times as much.  We wanted to give you an example of a wedding shot with the A 7 III but have not yet filmed one with this camera. The following example below was a wedding shot by Picture Pulse Photography in Russia, using the Wanderlust LUT profile grading technique.  Vision Pro Studios exclusively uses Adobe Light Room, Adobe Premiere, and Adobe After Effects in the post production of your wedding film.  Results achieved with Adobe products are  cinematic in nature and outperform all other software products we have used to date.


Vision Pro Studios is a active user of DJI Ronin Gimbals and Satbilizers and for 2019, a new Gimbal will be purchased for the Sony A7 III, the Sony FS100, our Sony 4k VG20H, and our Sony A65. This handheld gimbal supports all cameras in our class with a 8lb payload.

The DJI Ronin-S Gimbal is another game changer in the filming industry with its many features. Below is a video explaining what the DJI Ronin S accomplishes with technical explanations of how we use the Gimbals in our gear.


For 2019, additional lighting has also been added to the list of upgrades with our DJ Services becoming a large part of successfully winning Wedding Clients over with the vast array of options. Some clients want large light shows, others want low lights and ambience throughout their reception, and a variety of aspects for each client helps insure a smooth and enjoyable reception.

A variety of new laser light shows, uplighting, and special effects are in the planning stages as we research the market. Sound and Wattage are also on the forefront of our research with upgrades including sound array speakers that are more portable, more positionable throughout a reception, and can add a true theatre like sound quality with the reception.

We hope you find this information helpful in your decision making process.  Vision Pro Studios is dedicated to producing award winning films and content for your next event on a friendly budget.