Josue and Tiffany Nieves

I will never forget this wedding. I filmed this wedding, shot all the pics, and DJ’d their man show…from start to finish. And what a story book wedding it was!! When I first spoke to Tiffany, she presented to me her ideas about the type of wedding she wanted. They said their vows at Rouch World Event Center , Sturgis, MI. Carried by a horse and chariot, Tiffany made her entrance to the ceremony.

At Rouch they have a beautiful setup with a pond that is in the background of the Arch and wedding ceremony staging. They built the audience and guest seating in levels like a theatre so each guest can see clearly down into the ceremony area. We have filmed several weddings here, and they are really pleasant people, Christians, and love God and Country. Their event center during peak season is moderately priced. They have a bridal suite and a groom suite too.

Tiffany had a strict budget to work from and we made her dreams come true with our services.

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