Josh and Toni Mullinix

I met with Josh and Toni for the first time at a LaGrange, Indiana Pizza Hut to discuss their wedding plans and what we could do to be a part of their wedding. Toni sat down, slightly shy and reserved and began to tell me a story regarding her life, her relationship with her biological father, and the man that she called dad and how her wedding was such a blessing and so sad all at the same time.

Toni was born a premature baby. Her life would start in this world fighting to keep it. Parents that were no longer together and critical life issues that prevented them from raising Toni, she was adopted by family and raised as their own. The man she called dad, would work long hard hours as a truck driver, and would begin to save money each year to put aside for the dream wedding he wanted her to have. When Toni met Josh, she knew that he was going to be a good husband, a good father, and would protect her from all aspects of what life could throw at them. As the planning stages for the wedding begun, a call came and the man she called dad..had passed away..leaving her devastated. We sat in the dining room at the Pizza Hut, fighting back the tears when hearing this story, and giving her advice on her current dilemma of having her Biological father walk her down the Aisle to her wedding. She truly wanted that, and we encouraged her to continue to talking with her father and making it a reality. Even though the man she called dad couldn’t be there, his determination to save for her wedding was accomplished, and even in his absence, showed the love he had for this daughter he raised. Josh and Toni said their vows at Lakeside Occasions in Topeka, Indiana.

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